Wednesday 14 October
Thursday 15 October
Friday 16 October

Programme for Wednesday 14 October 2009: 4th ISRII meeting

On Wednesday 14 October, the 4th ISRII Meeting will be held specially for members of the International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII, This pre-conference meeting is open to ISRII members only.
The programme starts with lunch at 12.30 and ends at 17.55. This is followed by drinks offered by Interapy and dinner on the Amsterdam canals.

12:30 - 14:00 Welcome lunch
14:00 - 14:10 Opening of the 4th ISRII meeting by Prof. Pim Cuijpers, PhD, Chair ISRII, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
14:10 - 17:00 E-mental health presentations by young ISRII scientists
14:10 - 15:00 Session 1: Youth and implementation of web based interventions
15:00 - 15.40 Session 2: Which treatment is most effective?
15:40 - 16:00 Break
16:00 - 17:00 Session 3: How to deal with different aspects of e-mental health: from development to finance
17:00 - 17:45 ISRII 2020: Where do we go from here, what do we need and what can we do? Panel discussion: Lee Ritterband PhD, Director, Behavioral Health and Technology Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia Health System, United States of America
17:45 - 17:55 Closing session: Transference chairmanship ISRII from the Netherlands to Australia: Prof. P. Cuijpers, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Prof. Helen Christensen, The Australian National University, Australia
17:55 - 18:15 Walk to Interapy
18:15 Drinks offered by Interapy
20:00 Social programme: boat dinner Amsterdam (optional)

Programme for Thursday 15 October 2009

08:00 - 09:00

  Chair: Lee M. Ritterband, PhD, Director, Behavioral Health and Technology Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia Health System, United States of America

09:00 - 09:30

Welcome address and openingspeech. Jan Walburg, PhD, CEO, Trimbos Institute, the Netherlands, on behalf of the Trimbos Institute, The VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam.
09:30 - 10:00 "The future of sustainable mental vitality". Heleen Riper, PhD, Director Innovation Centre of Mental Health & Technology, Trimbos Institute, the Netherlands and Lucien Engelen, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre & Health 2.0 Ambassador, the Netherlands
10:00-10:10 Ceremonial opening. Ab Klink, PhD, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Netherlands
10:10-10:40 E-mental health: a philosophical perspective. Prof. Luciano Floridi, University of Hertfordshire & University of Oxford, United Kingdom
10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break
11:10 - 12:25 Symposia, session I
12:25 - 13:45 Lunch, Poster Presentation & Exhibits
13:45 - 14:15 Youth e- health: Evidence for the effectiveness and feasibility of prevention programs for anxiety and depression in young people. Prof. Helen Christensen, The Australian National University, Australia
14:15 - 14:45 Are internet-based treatments as effective as face-to-face treatments of common mental disorders? Prof. Pim Cuijpers, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
14:45- 15:15 Is social media the new Word of Mouth (WOM) for e-mental health? Lee A. Aase, Manager of Syndication and Social Media, Mayo Clinic, United States of America
15:15 - 15:45 Break
15:45 - 17:00 Symposia, session II
18.00 Social programme: Dinner & Dance (optional)

Programme for Friday 16 October 2009 

08:00 - 09:15 Registration
  Chair: Per Carlbring, PhD, Researcher, Linköping University, Sweden
09:15 - 09:30 E-health interventions for substance use disorders: perspective from the World Health Organization. Isy Vromans, PhD, technical officer. World Health Organization.
09:30 - 10:00 Guided Internet treatment. Recent new studies from the Swedish research group. Prof. Gerhard Andersson, Linköping University and Karolinska Institute, Sweden
10:00 - 10:30 How to change drinkers' cognitive biases for alcohol stimuli? Prof. W. Miles Cox, Bangor University, United Kingdom, and Prof. Reinout Wiers, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:15 Symposia, session III
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch, Poster Presentation & Exhibits
13:30 - 14:45 Symposia, session IV
14:45 - 15:15 Break
15:15 - 15:45 Using the internet to reduce health disparities worldwide. Prof. Ricardo Muñoz, University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital, United States of America
15:45 - 16:15 Integrating Internet-Based Depression Prevention for Adolescents into Primary Care. Benjamin van Voorhees, MD, MPH, University of Chicago, United States of America
16:15 - 16:45 Ethical dilemmas in the online treatment of adolescents. Prof. Alfred Lange, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
16:45 - 17:00 Presentation of 'e-wards' & Closing Summit
17:00 Drinks